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– Build harmonious relationships.
– Understand and manage their emotions.
– Improve their academic performance.
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Bring The Brain Power Classroom to Your School

The Brain Power Classroom is not just a book; it's a summary of the school programs offered by Brain Power Wellness. Author Dave Beal and/or local Brain Power instructors can come to your school to train teachers and students in Brain Power techniques and help you integrate them into your current curriculum and culture.

If you're interested, contact Dave at

dave@brainpowerwellness.com or (646) 687-6707.

For a Healthier, Happier, More Peaceful School
The Author
Dave Beal
Dave Beal is the Executive Director and Head National Trainer for Brain Power Wellness. After several successful years of teaching Brain Education (BE) as a classroom teacher in Brooklyn and Freeport, New York, Dave became a certified BE Trainer and has spent the last fifteen years training hundreds of thousands of educators, administrators, parents, and students how to use their full brain potential through BE. Dave’s vision is to help every school in the US become a “Brain Power School” that promotes SEL, mindfulness, community building, brain training, and holistic wellness to ensure optimal achievement for each member of the school community. Brain Power Wellness has worked with over 500 schools, training 15,000 teachers and 500,000 students in SEL, mindfulness and brain training techniques. The NYC Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor has endorsed Brain Power Wellness for their success in promoting social-emotional wellness and Brain Power Wellness is working with the NYC DOE to bring Brain Power to all two thousand schools in NYC over the next several years.

Dave has led experiential BE sessions and lectures at the United Nations Headquarters, Nike Corporate Headquarters, and the University of Brain Education in South Korea and presented Brain Education to the Congress of New Mexico, as well as multiple workshops for CSA and NYCESPA, the New York City principals' unions. He has personally coached hundreds of principals and superintendents through his executive leadership retreats and workshops and he is the primary holistic wellness coach for participants in the elite Gray Fellowship for Transformative Leadership in partnership with Hunter College and the NYC DOE.

Dave holds his BA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his Masters in Education from Pace University (both with honors). He is currently working on his second book that will focus on utilizing mindfulness, brain training and self-care as the foundation for effective executive leadership.                               

Create a Focused, Positive, and Engaged Classroom!
Through expert guidance and inspiring stories from the field, Dave Beal helps you create a Brain Power Classroom full of engaged, focused and collaborative students.

Part 1 provides scientific background, principles, and insightful advice for creating an optimal classroom atmosphere. Part 2 features 30 classroom activities you can easily integrate into your current curriculum. They are divided into the “Brain Power 10 Essentials” and incorporate various modalities, such as movement, mindfulness, and focusing strategies to engage students’ multiple intelligences.

Using the tools in this book, you will be able to motivate your students to use their full brain potential as they develop into harmonious leaders with strong character and high levels of academic achievement.
Reva Gluck Schneider
Principal, PS 144Q
“The Brain Power program is helping my teachers and students to manage their stress, increase concentration, and develop the internal efficacy to create peaceful ways to interact with themselves and others.”
Harriet Diaz
Principal, IS 192Q
“The Brain Power program is a necessary tool to align positive energy in daily life. It fosters building healthy minds, bodies, and citizens of the earth for a better tomorrow. Brain Power rocks!”
Deborah Sanabria
Principal, JHS 162X
“The Brain Power program assists me as a leader to create a school environment that is positive and collaborative. The dynamic activities that this program teaches can transform the way leaders, teachers, and students interact with each other to build trust and meaningful relationships so that the magic of teaching and learning can happen effectively.”
Wendy Soto
Guidance Counselor, MS 29
“The Brain Power program provides great tools in which students can exercise their ability to feel confident, positive, and healthy. Our schools are grateful for taking part in the Brain Power program and working alongside such an amazing group of leaders.”
Take a Peak at The Brain Power Classroom
Speaking Engagments
Author Dave Beal is available for speaking engagements. Invite him to your school or school district to speak to your educators on the benefits seen by Brain Power programs and the wonders they can do for your students.

To schedule a presentation, email Dave at dave@brainpowerwellness.com.
Questions about the book?
Want to bring Brain Power to your school?

Contact Dave Beal at dave@brainpowerwellness.com.